Volunteering Tasks


Set Up

Set Up volunteers are required to:


  • assemble all tables and chairs in the required locations
  • collect any required food from St Mary’s and transport
  • transport rubbish bins from St Mary’s
  • set tables for lunch
  • clean up ready for guests to arrive




Registration volunteers are required to:


  • greet and register guests and collect tickets to be placed in lucky draw
  • greet and register volunteers and direct them to their Team Leader

Table Hosts

Table hosts are required to:


  • greet guests and settle them at their table
  • converse with them before, during and after lunch.
  • distribute gifts to guests


This social interaction is essential to the success of The Big Give and creates an inclusive, harmonious environment for guests to dine.




Kitchen hands are required to assist with:


  • assembling food
  • plating food
  • cleaning up kitchen after service



Runners / cleaners

Table runners/cleaners are required to:


  • collect plated food and serve guests seated at tables
  • clear any table spills as required
  • clear plates after meal is finished
  • clear table after guests have gone
  • leave table ready for pull down
Security monitors Security monitors are required to

  • direct traffic to toilets
  • secure council chamber

Pull down

Runners / cleaners / pull down


Pull down volunteers are required to:

  • pack up the event by putting tables and chairs away
  • remove all rubbish
  • transport food to designated location
  • sweep the floor
  • leave the facility in a pristine condition

Kids  entertainment & gift distribution


Children’s entertainers are required to:

  • host activities that will entertain children before, during and after lunch
  • co-ordinate the distribution of gifts
  • draw lucky door prize



Security personnel will be required to be mindful of any disturbance and gently step in where required.

First Aid

First aid personnel are required to be mindful of any accidents or incidents that may require first aid and attend as required.
Santa Wear a Santa Suit and entertain children/guests during gift handout.
Photographer Take festive photos of guests and volunteers throughout the day.




We expect all volunteers will:

  • Work within the philosophy of St Mary’s House of Welcome and its policies and procedures
  • Have the ability to uphold the Spirit of the Daughters of Charity
  • To observe safe work practices and duty of care
  • Let the Volunteer Coordinator know if you are not coming in
  • Draw any problems to the attention of the Volunteer Co-ordinator or your supervisor
  • Be friendly and efficient
  • Maintain a clean and hygienic dining room at all times
  • Offer respect and dignity to the guests at all times.
  • Have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with all people
  • Have empathy towards people who are less fortunate
  • Have the ability to recognise the difference between general and confidential information and to respect and maintain confidentiality at all times
  • To follow the instructions of your Team Leader or Project Manager at all times